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Forest City, IA – May 16, 2024 – Waldorf University is proud to announce a partnership with America's Thrift Stores, a leading retail chain committed to serving communities across the nation. This strategic collaboration aims to empower America's Thrift Stores employees and their families by providing access to quality education through discounted tuition rates for online degree programs offered by Waldorf University.

Beginning in April of 2024, all America's Thrift Store employees and their eligible family members have been given the opportunity to access a 10% discount on tuition for a wide range of online certificate, associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs offered by Waldorf. This initiative is a testament to both organizations' shared commitment to fostering educational advancement and professional development within the communities they serve. In addition to the discounted tuition rates, America's Thrift Store employees will also have access to Waldorf’s Learning Partner scholarship, which is awarded six times per year.

"We are thrilled to partner with America's Thrift Stores to offer their employees and their families the opportunity to pursue their educational goals," said Ron Spradling, Director of Outreach. "At Waldorf, we believe education should be accessible to everyone, and this partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to provide flexible, high-quality learning experiences that empower individuals to achieve their full potential."

Through this partnership, America's Thrift Store employees will have the flexibility to pursue their education while balancing work and personal commitments. Whether they aspire to advance in their current career with America’s Thrift Store or prepare themselves for future opportunities, Waldorf University is dedicated to supporting their journey towards success.

This collaboration between Waldorf University and America's Thrift Stores marks a significant milestone in expanding access to higher education and strengthening workforce development initiatives. Together, both organizations are committed to making a positive impact on individuals' lives and driving positive change.


About Waldorf University

Waldorf University has been serving students since its founding in 1903 in Forest City, IA and continues to do so both on campus and online. Waldorf has over 120 fully online Certificate, Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees with flexible 8-week courses and 11 term start dates per year.  Waldorf’s student-centered approach to learning ensures a supportive environment for both traditional learners on campus, and online students across the globe.

About America’s Thrift Stores

America’s Thrift Stores was founded in 1984 and is a for-profit company that supports numerous children’s health and addiction recovery charities around the country. Our goal as an organization is to offer the best second-hand shopping experience to our customers, provide thriving careers for our team, and give $100 million to our charity partners over 10 years. http://americasthrift.com